About Department:

Our Hospital provides with a wide range of therapies in the department of Shalakya -

  1. • Akshi tarpana and putapaka - These are the nourishing therapy that enhances the vision
  2. • Aschyotana - Instillation of medicine in the form of drops, it is the first line of treatment in the eye problems that helps to relieve redness and burning sensation.
  3. • Netra prakshalana - Eye washing therapy by using medicated kashayas to remove the netra mala and other foreign particals
  4. • Netra pariseka - pouring of kashayas in to eyes which relieves eye pain , burning sensation and soothens the eye
  5. • Anjana - Application of medicated collyrium for improving eye sight
  6. • Pindi & vidalaka - Topical application of drugs in the form of paste over the eyelids to relieve burning sensation , foreign body sensation and pain
  7. • Eye excerises - for strengthening eye muscles , reduces strain and improves vision
  8. • Padabhyanga - Foot massage which reliefs stiffness, muscle strain , induces good sleep and enhances the visual capacity.
  9. • Shiro abhyanga , shiro dhara , shiro pichu , shiro vasti - All these procedures calms down the mental stress ,nourishes the senses, enriches the blood flow and promotes hair growth
  10. • Nasya - Instillation of medicated drops through nostrils used in musculoskeletal pathologies of the neck, shoulders and disease of eyes , ears, gums and teeth
  11. • Kavala and gandusha - medicated oil pulling which enhances oral health
  12. • Dhoomapana - herbal smoke inhalation effective in upper clavicle disorders
  13. • Karna prakshalana and karna poorana - This procedure helps to clear the ear canal and improves hearing capacity. And reliefs hearache
  14. • Mukha lepas - improves skin texture, reliefs from acne, brighten ups the skin

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