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Late.Shri.Ramakrishna Hegdeji Former Chief Minister of Karnataka

was the visionary of IIAMR. It is his brain child and dream, which he set all of us to visualize. He passionately started this mission as he strongly believed that the Indigenous Science AYURVEDA and all Indian sciences must come under one academic umbrella and propagate its scientific based and set it to the pace of globalization.

Late Dr.Jeevaraj Alva was a Former Minister of Karnataka

was a person known for execution of missions and creating new possibilities within an aura that is extended beyond the state probity in public life and this virtue of his strike the chord with his Guru Shri Ramakrishna Hegdeji. He gave wings to IIAMR and shaped it to reality where the core strategic objectives were dictated by him

Shri L.K.Raju,
Present Chairman

Shri L.K.Raju, the present Chairman executed the vision of both the leaders. Conquesting and energizing their dream to the reality. He sleeved up to propagate, popularize and institutionalize the establishment with the fundamental mission of advancement and dissemination of Ayurveda, by being to be the main pillar of the institution till date.

IIAMR’s Attached Hospital is a Multispecialty Integrated Hospital in association with renowned Hospitals in Bangalore, Research Units from Kerala & Bangalore. Yoga & Naturopathy Treatment facilities are also available.



The moving force for this association is Dr. Vijay Singh, Director – Karnataka Cluster. He joined NH in 2006. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Bangalore University. He has around 14 years of experience across industries. In the past, he has worked with FinPoint, Bengaluru Medical Services Trust and Research Institute, Chandrakala Hospital and Institute of Medical Research, among others.


Realising the vision of integrated medical healthcare at IIAMR is Dr. Naresh Shetty, President, MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital. Dr. Naresh Shetty is an orthopedic surgeon with expertise in orthopedic surgery, specially in trauma and arthroplasty areas for the past 21 years. With an unmatching aptitude in administration, he was the Medical Director at M S Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital from 1998 to 2003 and at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital from 2004 to 2011. He is now the President, International Program and Strategic Alliance at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital. He is the member of Board of Studies in Medical (PG) – (Clinical) – Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and President for Orthopedic Association of South Indian States for the year 2012 – 2013. He has been conferred with International Youth Exchange Programme Award by the Rotary International in 1993 and Howmedica Fellowship in 1993, HongKong.


Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation is the overseer of the Cancer Hospital and is a not-for-profit organization whose core focus is on cure and prevention of cancer. The foundation is committed to conceive, build, and sustain programs and initiatives aimed at helping the common man to lead a cancer free life. Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation is founded by Trustees with rich experience in specific developmental activities in different fields of society. And the leading list in this highly revered domain is Dr. B.S. Srinath, MBBS, MS, FRCS (Edinburgh & Glasgow), reputed surgical oncologist with over 35 years of service to cancer patients. He has conducted research on cancer and immunology. Has an eminent stature in the field of cancer treatment and cancer prevention: He has distinguished managerial experience as well as building and managing a large and successful hospital in the related field. Has served as the Managing Director of Bangalore Institute of Oncology, a leading institution, for 11 years during 1992-2003. Has conducted many cancer detection and awareness programs during the last 20 years and has taken the medical expertise right up to the patient's door with a major concern for the poor.



Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam (KAS) is one of the India’s first charitable organizations. KAS was founded under combined efforts and supervision of princely states of Malabar and Kochi in the year 1902. The aim was to reach the cure, knowledge and benefit of Ayurveda to the common man. Samajam always stands for the genuine traditional Keraleeya system of Ayurveda treatments. Registered under the Charitable Societies Act XX1 of 1860, KAS has been accredited as one of the best places for Ayurveda treatments as well as for teaching the Indian system of medicine. Samajam is an unique organization that can claim solid tradition of over a century in Ayurveda practice.


Herbal Science Trust (HST) is a pioneer in making herbal restoratives that bring back normal function in human body from an abnormal state. Several restoratives are given to patients needing specific recovery. These are low cost and effective remedies for a range of disorders and diseases. Our Hospital is supporting this line of treatment. Restoratives are available for control and cure of Tuberculosis, Arthritis, Jaundice, Cancer, etc.

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