Shalakya Tantra

About Department:

The SHALAKYA TANTRA has given prime importance among the 8 branches of AYURVEDA.

This department mainly deals with understanding the pathophysiology, diagnosis,management of the diseases occurring above neck. ie eye, ear, nose, throat, head and oro-dentistry.

“Sarvendriyanaam nayanam pradhanam”

Netra roga vignana has utmost importance in ayurvedic classics because – Even if a blind is rich, he can not enjoy the true vision of the world. This science mainly uses an instrument called SHALAKA (which means a probe ) for various procedures; hence known by name SHALAKYA.

Departmental initiatives :

  • Department is well furnished and spacious and well equipped with diagnostic tools.
  • Therapeutic approach through models, charts, instruments and spacimens.
  • Creating awareness about Eye donation and importance of sense organs and its treatment procedures in AYURVEDA through camps, seminars ,webinars and group discussions.
  • Hands on training on kriya kalpas , pre-procedures and parasurgical procedures during practicle classes.

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